June 2013

//June 2013

Hi everybody!

Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog. I really have enjoyed hearing about all the positive feed back that we have received this month. We continue to evolve always looking for ways to improve our service. This month we have been able to provide many other services in addition to supervised contact, which has led to the creation of our new company name ‘Bristol Children’s Contact Services.’ We feel this is a more appropriate name and hope you all agree!

Take a look at the new services we offer on our website under our services.

June has been another very busy month for the whole Team. We have been busy networking with local communities and groups. We have been trying very hard to get our services known to those who most require it. Any support from you guys is fantastic; please keep up the great work!! Remember there are more than 750 children currently in care in Bristol, which is a lot of families

who could benefit from knowing about our services. Any help is most appreciated and will ultimately help towards those most vulnerable in our society.

As the director of this company I would like to say a special thank you to my partner for all his support and dedication to improving children’s lives.