50,000+ Hours

Over 50,000 hours of supervised contact support for more than 1000 service users through our national Supervised Contact work.

Trusted by 70
Local Authorities

We have worked nationally with over 70 local authorities demonstrating a service you can trust.

We’re a team of
over 50 staff

Our diverse team of over 50 staff consisting of social workers and support staff we have the skills and qualifications to suit any situation.

During 2016, Children’s Contact Services delivered support services to over 1,400 Children and Young People and over 1,100 Parents.
We have provided over 50,000 hours of contact time for parents and their children.

About Us

Children’s Contact Services was developed to promote and support positive contact between children and their families.

The main goal of Children’s Contact Services is to facilitate and support contact between children of separated families. The service we provide aims to do this in our Centre or other suitable venues by the creation of a warm, comfortable and informal atmosphere in a safe and neutral environment. We offer registered social workers and enhanced DBS support staff who are experienced and skilled in this area.

To promote the safety of children in the national framework of Child Contact Centres

To promote, facilitate and support contact between children of separated families and their parents and other family members, through the creation of a warm, informal atmosphere in a comfortable and safe neutral meeting place.

  • Ensuring safety
  • Child centred approach
  • Promoting equality and celebrating diversity
  • We are independent and impartial
  • Respecting individuals and preserve confidentiality
  • The child’s welfare is paramount
  • Use multi-agency principles working collaboratively
  • Sharing our skills and knowledge in order to achieve better outcomes for children and their families.