Refunds Policy

/Refunds Policy


The ‘Seller’ shall mean Children’s Contact Services Ltd. ‘Buyer’ shall mean any persons, firms or companies who shall order or buy the Goods. ‘Goods’ means the equipment, goods and/or material sold by the Seller in terms of any individual Contract (including all replacements and renewals thereof and all accessories and additions thereto, whether added or made before or after the date of the relative order).

Damaged Material Notice

In the unlikely event that goods are damaged, the Buyer must notify the Seller of such damage within 48 hours from receipt of goods. The Seller will arrange for the goods to be returned and replacement goods may be sent or alternatively a credit note may be raised for the value of damaged goods.

Wrong Delivery Notice

In the unlikely event of a wrong product being dispatched, the Buyer must notify the Seller within 48 hours of receipt of the product. The Seller will make arrangements to replace the goods with the correct product.

Returns Procedure

When the Seller consents to the return of goods, the Buyer must ensure that the material is in original condition of which can be re-sold. Refunds for returned goods will take no more than 20 working days as long as the returned goods are in the correct condition.

Refund Policy

Children’s Contact Services Ltd we will refund you within 20 working days of the date that you cancel less any costs incurred for the return of the goods.