Welfare Checks

//Welfare Checks

Our community Welfare checks are carried out by our trained staff in order to check on the welfare of children at a particular address.

Welfare checks are used to check on the wellbeing of a vulnerable child. Welfare checks are carried out by us only after a referral from social services and the agreement from the family has been ascertained. Staff will attend an address to check on the wellbeing of the child. We have no powers to enter an address without permission of the parent unlike the police. However, details of who was at the address during the visit and any identified concerns or risks will be recorded by the persons carrying out the welfare checks. Authorities are contacted immediately by us if significant concerns are found.

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Our welfare checks help support the out of hours’ social services framework.

A child’s safety is paramount.

Our brief welfare reports are often used as evidence in care proceedings.

We take immediate action if concerns are found.

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